Alternative Route to Licensure

Program Description

Utah’s Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) is a teacher preparation program for individuals who wish to earn an initial Level 1 teaching license or are currently licensed teachers who wish to earn another type of teaching license. ARL allows participants to teach in an accredited Utah school on a temporary license for up to three years while they are fulfilling licensure requirements. Participants must be employed by a Utah school district, charter school, or accredited private or parochial school while earning a license and must be teaching in a licensed position at the time a license is earned and issued. Employed ARL participants must complete a formal ARL plan which may include such things as required content knowledge test(s), content courses, workshops/conferences, and general pedagogy courses (typically 7-10 classes), teaching successfully for a minimum of one year if full time or two years if less than full time in their eligible subject area at the same school consecutively, having successful principal’s evaluations of classroom performance and teaching disposition skills, and upon program completion, being recommended for licensure by the principal and the ARL advisor. Participants are responsible for all costs involved in completing the ARL process. Participants successfully completing the Alternative Routes to Licensure program will be issued a Level 1 Utah Professional Educator License.

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